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JoshCohenheadshotI am a freelance writer and editor in Seattle.

I like to write about transportation politics, urban land use, the environment, cycling and adventure travel. I’ve also written about underwater archaeologists, junior hockey labor disputes, Jewish pirates and plenty in between.

I am a contributing writer at Next City, mostly focusing on urban transportation and infrastructure.

In 2010, I founded The Bicycle Story, an online journal exploring the people of bicycling through interviews with adventurers, advocates, racers, bike builders, industry insiders and more. In 2015, I launched The Bicycle Story Podcast.

I am a contributing author to Cycling Sojourner Washington, a guidebook to self-supported bike touring in Washington State. Learn more about the book and get yourself a copy.

I used to write the BikeNerd column for Seattle news and politics website PubliCola. A mix of reporting and editorials, my column covered bike advocacy news and cycling culture in Seattle and Washington. Prior to BikeNerd, I covered the State Legislature, filling reports from Olympia.

Have story ideas, questions, comments? Email me. Or find me on Twitter @jcohenwrites.

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